Helene & Marius`s wedding

The sweetest bride, listening carefully to the thoughts and ideas of her wedding planner in Spain while going through the details for their wedding. The relaxed groom, watching his soon-to-be bride with big eyes, only wanting to make her feel like the queen that she is for him. Helene & Marius had been on vacation to Marbella since she was 6 years old. We quickly understood the importance of them getting to marry in Spain, and only after one e-mail the contract for us being booked as their wedding planner was signed. 


The bride Helene had a dream of getting married by the beach, with the ocean waves whispering in the background, reminding her about the one and only true love standing beside her and she seeing the future with him and him alone. A small boutique luxury hotel was booked for their intimate wedding of 50 guests. The guests rented rooms for the weekend in order to stay and celebrate the joy for the couple all at the same place.


The colors representing the couple were navy blue, gold and white. Big letters forming the word “LOVE” was carefully put in place for the venue to brighten up its elegance with something romantic. We received 3 different photos of the desired wedding cake from the beautiful bride Helene - this was going to be interesting! We ordered from our amazing cake lady one special design for the ground floor, another for the first floor and a different design for the top floor of the cake. To make the whole cake experience even more interesting, each floor had its own amazing taste! 


The ceremony introduced the big day with love, respect and honor and was conducted by our favorite Norwegian Wedding celebrant. There was no dry eye during these intense 30 minutes while everyone held their breath and listened careful to Helene and Marius publicly declaring their love for one and another.

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Wedding Planner in Spain

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