Isabelle & Rolf`s wedding

Our phones kept ringing while I was visiting the family in Norway. The bride talked nervously and quickly while she finally got in contact with us. Our website had been with hidden issues, she had tried to reach us for 2 weeks without us noticing the errors. They had already a membership on a famous golf club in Marbella, but needed help with the caterers and ceremony for their wedding in Spain. We are happy that we got the honour of getting to know this entrepreneur couple, as when they got married they were in their first years of creating a gorgeous business - sharing your appreciation for man's best friend, your dog. This couple were easy-going, straight to the point and determined to create a memorable wedding day to initiate their dream for a family in the future. 

As mentioned previously, the venue was chosen due to that both the father of the bride and the groom himself shared a deep interest in golf. At this golf club in the mountains of Marbella lays a quiet and peaceful site, perfect for beautiful weddings in Spain. The greatest part of this place is that the couple could have their 50 guests celebrating this big day, by themselves without sharing the space with any other guests. A Danish catering was hired, serving their 5 courses gourmet meals in an efficient and professional manner, making it perfect for the couple to enjoy the speeches prepared by their families and friends.

The bride wished for a romantic wedding in Marbella. She chose the colors pink and white, with loads on candles. Even though not all the pictures shows the candles put in place by the windows, they created a special atmosphere framing the windows with a beautiful view of clear green grass.

The amazing photographer chosen for this wedding in Spain was the same one that photographed my own wedding. We are very sorry to inform that he had a tragic accident with his motorbike, leading him to become paralyzed. If you wish to help him and his family, please visit his page:

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