Jennifer & Patric`s wedding

We received an e-mail written in English - they had booked the Swedish priest but needed help with finding the venue for their wedding in Spain and other services needed for their big day. We quickly responded to meet them, as they were going for holidays with their friends and combined the vacation with their wedding plans. 


It was important for the couple to have a venue exclusive for their family and friends. We introduced to them one very flexible and beautiful restaurant where they could have a romantic ceremony, a gourmet dinner and a big party with dancing until late at night. It was the perfect match. The day of the wedding had finally arrived, and the bride stepped out from her floral cabrio looking like million dollars, her best friend was holding her while she carefully walked up the stairs and ready for everyone to fall in love with her while she walked down the aisle. The groom was about to faint but couldn't allow it as he didn't want to miss a single second of this moment. Years later we still enjoy being in touch with this beautiful bride, as she has a heart as big as a stone of gold and her smile blends anyone around her. 


Blue, white, elegance and stunning was the style representing Jennifer and Patric on their wedding in Spain They chose blue ribbons for their chair covers, as this was already included in the menu upon booking the restaurant. 


June and July can be hot days for early weddings here in Spain. As most Scandinavian couples, Jennifer and Patric wished to start the ceremony at 16:00 o'clock. The sun was almost at top during this hour, but we recommended this restaurant as the breeze from the ocean made the sun feel like it was a part of celebrating the wedding day, smiling back at the guests in a calm and relaxing manner.

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