Kiara & Nima`s wedding

One day in January late at night we received an e-mail from a well-known resort hotel. They had an enquiry from a Norwegian couple and they requested for a Norwegian Speaking Wedding Planner in Spain to organize their big wedding day. The wedding was to be celebrated already in March - meaning we had approximately 2 months to organize the wedding of Kiara & Nima. The moment could not have been more perfect. The winter months are quiet time for a Wedding Planner in Spain, as most weddings are celebrated between May-October. We met with this beautiful couple in Oslo as we were attending a wedding fair this same month as we started with putting their wedding dreams into real plans. 


March can have extremely amazing and sunny days, but it can also be rainy. We love the sun but it is important for the nature to get enough rain. We needed to keep this in mind when planning for the wedding of Kiara and Nima. Together we looked at having the ceremony outside by the beach and afterwards the cocktail and dinner indoors. We were very grateful that it was cloudy but no rain while the couple in love shared their vows for one and another. The ceremony was truly stunning and you could heard the ocean waves against the rocks while the guests were sitting quietly and soaked in the very special moment. 


Pink and white - romantic and cute was the style for the wedding of Kiara and Nima. Pink ribbons were tied to the white chair covers and pink flowers put as centerpieces on the round tables. 


We had a very special guest attending this wedding in Spain. The couple had a gorgeous Chihuahua. The Chihuahua was the ring bearer and a perfect fit for the cuteness of the ceremony. As their wedding planner in Spain I was worried that the Chihuahua would not come with the rings at the right time, but I quickly saw that it knew exactly when and where to go with the rings - the Chihuahua had an important and big part of the success of this beautiful wedding day.

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