Louise & Mikael`s wedding

The calm, kind and patient couple. You could quickly notice how Louise and Mikael were a rock and a mountain for each other. The look in their eyes showed how certain they were to be together for an eternity, and that the wedding in Spain should have already been celebrated yesterday and not in a few months. Louise adapted to our advices and carefully listened to suggestions for her bridal bouquet to fit perfectly her dress and her style for the wedding day. During the period of the wedding planning Louise and Mikael were very busy with their jobs and the wedding was put together in only a few carefully planned steps.  


Nerja was the area of celebration! We had very little knowledge about beautiful venues in this area, so we had to travel to look for opportunities to offer to the couple. A venue search was put into action and we found a small and cozy beach restaurant. The ceremony was to be in the sand with the waves literally moving closer to the altar each passing minute. A Swedish wedding celebrant was conducting the ceremony with warmth in her voice while the couple made promises to love each other forever. Their little baby girl was a bit scared for so much attention and a lot of people wanting to be with her, as she looked just perfect for the wedding with her pink dress, matching her mum’s beautiful shoes. 


The colors were pink and white. The romantic touch to this venue. Looking closer at the chairs and table decoration, the decoration already included in the menu for the venue was chosen. Most venues have standard decoration with the possibility to change some of the colors according to your wishes. 


Prior to the ceremony the couple wanted to greet all guests, they came early and received hugs filled with love. This was an intimate wedding in Spain with only close friends and family.

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