Maren & Lars Erlends`s wedding

We quickly fell in love with the bride Maren when she explained to us how she imagined their wedding in Sunny Spain. Family and close friends were to be invited to celebrate their big day together with Maren and Lars Erlend, and so it was priority for them to find a child-friendly venue where they could have a great party. Maren and Lars Erlend are living in the north of Norway, Trondheim, and it was perfect with a wedding in Malaga as they had direct flights almost every day. 


The wedding venue was booked in no-time. Intimate weddings in Spain can be somewhat difficult, because the restaurants might allow other guests at the same venue as the wedding guests - and the wedding guests will be mixed together with other groups. We prefer to avoid this, due of the culture differences, Nordic weddings are known for its emotional speeches and calm ambiance.


The style and feeling for the wedding was romantic, intimate and relaxed. The best moment of the day was when the bride and groom took some minutes to be indoors with air conditioning blowing into their backs during the photoshoot. The wedding in Spain was in June but on this particular day it was hot at 16:00 o'clock when the ceremony started, however towards the beginning of the dinner time at 18:00 o'clock you could feel the cool breeze coming in to cool us down. 


Here we have translate the Norwegian feedback from the happy couple:

“We already miss our big day! And it is a sad feeling to think that the wedding is over. It was such a beautiful day and it was the perfect place for us to celebrate this day! Loved the surroundings and atmosphere - it was nicer than we could imagine! It was a incredibly beautiful ceremony, beautiful music, beautiful table decoration and all in all a beautiful whole! All the feedback on the food and the wedding was very good! Everyone had a wonderful experience and it means a lot to us !

You have been indispensable and incredibly good at following up and planning for the big day! Can safely recommend you to others who want to get married in Spain!”


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