Mari & Miikas`s wedding

There was a time since the year of 2012 that we recruited other languages to assist us with the wedding planning in Spain. The time we met Mari and Miika we were very privileged to have our Finnish Wedding Planner Niina in our team. Niina was dedicated with the Finnish couple Mari and Miika and helping them with the process of their planning in their language of birth. 


Mari and Miika wished for an intimate wedding in Spain with only a few of their closest family and friends. They asked for a child-friendly hotel with the possibility to have a private area for themselves. We were happy to negotiate with the chosen hotel, as the date for Mari and Miika was outside the peak season of weddings and we quickly found a solution for them to get a special and intimate wedding celebration in Spain. 


The colors chosen were white and pink. The white for the elegance and the pink for the romantic touch. Ocean waves were just by our sides the whole day, it was a sunny day but not to hot - we could say that the weather had chosen its best day to create a memorable wedding day for Mari and Miika. 


On the originally wedding day, one of the children of the couple got sick and had to be hospitalized. This was a stressful moment for us and even more for the couple. We were very happy to be able to change the day of the celebration to a few days later for everyone to be able to be together and share their love with the newly wedded couple. We love working with flexible suppliers that understands and can adapt to difficult situations, by working all together we can have the opportunity to move past the difficult times and find back to happiness.

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Wedding Planner in Spain

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