Maria & Sam`s wedding

Maria and Sam wished to celebrate their dream wedding in sunny Spain together with their 80 friends and family. We quickly fell in love with the beautiful Swedish-Iranian bride, as she talked with a sparkle in her eyes when mentioning her soon-to-be husband Sam. Maria ordered flights to visit us together with her family. We showed her their dream restaurant and she filmed the whole viewing for Sam to be up to date with the visit of beautiful Spain and their chosen wedding venue.


Their wedding in Spain was celebrated in late May at one of the most spectacular venues in Andalusia. The garden was rented for the whole day where they sat up the romantic ceremony by the floral arch, followed by a tasteful cocktail hour with canapes. While the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour, the newly wedded couple went away for a romantic photo shoots. Upon returning to the party a well-known traditional song was put to maximum volume and the guests jumped and applauded while the stunning couple entered the wedding party!


Peach was the color of this wedding and the color seen throughout the day. The chosen venue is known for its amazing garden, with a lot of flowers, big trees and complete green grass. The garden is carefully taken cared of every day and very little decorations are needed to create this to a memorable luxury wedding in Spain. Maria and Sam decided to rent a tent with wooden floor, as it would be easier for all the dancing they were planning to enjoy.


At the first visit with Maria, they decided on another venue by the beach. However, only a few months before the day of the wedding, this restaurant changed their owner and pressured through new rules and prices to their already signed contract. Even though we knew these changes were illegal, it would take too long to fight with this venue and all we wanted was for Maria and Sam to enjoy their wedding planning in Spain. We quickly found an alternative place for them, just more beautiful and to the same price as what they originally agreed to, and they were very happy with the change!

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