Stine & Eskil`s wedding

The strong and vigorous couple contacted us on a cloudy October day. On the first consultation meeting they were sitting together in their sofa, carefully listening to our thoughts and questions for them. They were open and knew the importance of booking a wedding planner for their wedding in Spain. Her knowing clearly from day one what style she wished for, him being calm and supportive throughout the whole planning. Stine is just a woman you love to have as your best friend, she is that kind of woman that went to Asia to teach children nutrition in order to improve their health. She deeply cares for her guests allergies, and made sure from the start that they would enjoy the wedding day as much as any other guests with lovely food adjusted to their needs. 

The day started with a hot sun pounding on our back as we dove into the world of decorations. It was 11 o'clock in the morning and the wedding was starting with the ceremony at 16 o'clock. The bus was scheduled to pick up the guests 30 minutes away from the venue. All the suppliers came at 2 o'clock. Chairs were rented, flowers ordered, technician to hang up fairy lights over the dinner area and DJ was early to make sure the sound was just perfect for the bride to walk down the aisle with her lovely dad. 

Stine was struggling between Bohem or Vintage style at first. As she didnt want a rustic wedding, however she looked for elegance in a natural atmosphere. The venue is surrounded by palms and the ocean, and she kindly asked for pampas grass and palm leaves for the decorations. 

The venue was rented in all exclusivity, from 11 o'clock until 3 o'clock in the night. During the cocktail the bride presented the greatest gift to her new and loved husband - live performance from Elvis. Elvis ran out singing his favourite song, it was clearly not only the best day of the bride but also the groom, as this party was just getting started.

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