Wedding photographer, what to expect?

Photo by Evenpic

Photo by Amanda Watt 

To choose a photographer can be the same as shopping for shoes, strange comparison? When you start searching you will see that there is an ocean of great photographers out there, all different styles and different prices, how do you choose?

First we ask the couple to send us photos of what they like for their wedding in Spain. This is because we wish to see what style they prefer. There are photographer that have a traditional style where the couples and families are posing in a straight line looking straight to the camera, and also other photographers shooting creative shots through the flowers. By knowing a bit what style the couples like we know what we can recommend. 

And what about the price for a photographer? Here in a wedding in Spain the price for a photographer can be from 1000EUR to 3000EUR. This really depends if the photographer is well known and how many bookings they got for your year of the wedding in Spain.

And what about the timing? Full day means from the bride is preparing herself with make up and the dress until the first dance. It could be 6 hours or 12 hours. Normally the photograpghers dont have a certain or strict hours, as they want to shoot as much as possible from the big day!

What if you only want half day wedding photographers? It is possible with half day, but minimum 2 hours to cover at least the ceremony and parts of the cocktail hour and/or private romantic photos. If you choose to get married on a Saturday it is very difficult to find a photograpgher that will only work 2 hours, so we recommend choose the wedding date in Spain to be either Friday or Sunday if you are on a budget.

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