Stylist, hair and makeup for the bride in Spain

Photo by David Toms

Photo by Ray Pollard 

We have many brides being uncertain if they want to hire a stylist for their wedding in Spain or not, so we will write a little about this too.

Many brides are very good at styling themselves. Today we are in general getting very good through make up tutorials. However, the reason why we can recommend a stylist is simply because you get one less thing to think about. On your wedding day here in Spain there will be a lot of impressions, emotions and thoughts. Having a few hours when someone is styling you can be very relaxing!

A stylist often takes care of both the hair and the make up. We always asks the brides to send us how they wish to be styled so that the stylist can prepare necessary equipment. We recommend to test the hair, as there are so many ways to do a romantic hair duo or curls to your big day, the best is to put aside a few hours and try some. When it comes to make up it could be a good idea to try this, but normally with a picture of your skin type, the make up artists quickly knows how to take care of your skin. Also, after a few days in the sun it might be needed some adjustments!

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