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Castillo Colmenares, Benalm√°dena wedding to bring you your dreams

It was the beginning of June. A wedding of 50-80 guests wishing to get married at Castillo Colmenares in Benalmadena. First, let us explain very quickly what and how this beautiful castle was made. 

Only a few years ago, the Castillo Colmenares was built by a doctor in the year of 2001. Even though the castle had a historic look, with elegance and perfection. You may be able to see the modern aspect of the construction. The doctor was inspired by Colon and the story about how he found America. 

A beautiful couple looked for a wedding venue by the sea. They wished for all guests to stay at the same hotel during their weekend. However, the only thing the hotel was missing was a truly romantic and breathtaking ceremony. 

Now when mentioning a breathtaking ceremony, I invite you to read through the stunning wedding of Julia and Camilo. They got married in a garden, surrounded by huge palm trees and water. 

The bride herself found Castillo Colmenares for the wedding and asked if I had worked with them previously. Honestly I had never even visited Castillo Colmenares, and I live only 10 minutes from the beautiful castle. I quickly arranged with the current owner of the place to check it out and ask about the possibility for a ceremony. 

We have already made the plan to transport all the guests from the hotel to the castle at 14:30 o'clock. Before the guests arrive we will prepare all the chairs, they will be transparent Tiffany chairs with floral decorations. Also, you will find a floral bow and an amazing view looking to the ocean. 

If you wish to see even more stunning photos of this place, you may visit the website of Castillo Colmenares for your wedding. However, I hope you will contact us for bookings. As we will help with hiring chairs, flower bow, priest, music and transport to and from the area.

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