Villa Cisne


Villa Cisne, the dream wedding coming true?

A few years have past since we discovered Villa Cisne for weddings and the most beautiful atmosphere there. 

The first time I read through their packages and prices I thought it was way to expensive and not worth it. Quickly did I understand that I had no idea what a luxury wedding would cost in Marbella. Compared to any other famous venue in Marbella, truly for a wedding at Villa Cisne the prices were actually reasonable. 

We added Villa Cisne to our portfolio and started offering this amazing place to our couples. The house has some bedrooms for the close family to stay during the night of the big day. Additionally they had no restrictions on certain caterers, meaning we could choose our favorite catering to work with. 

Another stunning venue for a beautiful wedding is Castillo Colmenares, we wrote about this place previously. 

There were many ideas on how to create a dream wedding at Villa Cisne. With only little decorations you could create an amazing theme. The house if just by the beach and very private filled with greenery.

The day came when a couple fell in love with this venue just as much as ourselves. We quickly tried to contact the owners. However, to our surprise there were nobody to contact. We pulled from any thread we had available, we even contacted all the other wedding planners out there but we did not succeed. The owners were getting a divorce and trying to sell.

Our dreams fell into dust and we had to try to find something as lovely and beautiful as this house. If you want to see how beautiful it is, this amazing bride shares a lot of her photos of Villa Cisne and their beautiful wedding. 

We will keep looking for such a beautiful place. Meanwhile, we have found other houses with huge gardens or by the ocean! Contact us for more information.

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